DayTracker Support-

Below you can find a step by step guide to using Daytracker.

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1.) Thanks for downloading DayTracker! Now you can set up a user account here or by clicking the Join button in the app on your iphone.

2.) Now that you have an account its time to login from your iPhone. Open the app and click the Login button. Enter the username and password you created in step one then press the Login button on the bottom (only press it once.) You can tap the "Remember Password button to store your username/password so you dont have to enter it each time.

3.) Now that you have logged in its time to enter a note and record your first point. You will see the Note area on the top of your screen and the GPS info(lat/long) in the middle of the screen.

Enter a note by tapping anywhere in the note area. When done entering your note a DONE button will appear in the top right corner of the screen click that to close the note entry.

While your iPhone is calculating the most accurate GPS coordinates you will see the dot in the middle of the screen turn from yellow to green. Yellow indicates a less accurate signal and green a more accurate lat/long signal. It is recommended that you wait a few more seconds after seeing the green dot before tapping the record button to ensure the most accurate GPS reading.

Once you have a accurate GPS signal and have entered a note (notes are not mandatory) you can tap the Record button. This will save your location into the database and you should see "Record successfully saved" on the screen (see ex. above.)

4.) Now its time to see the point that you have saved. This can be done two ways 1.)click the View button in the iPhone app and that will take you to and automatically log you into your account. 2.) In your browser on your computer go to and click the login button.

5.) Now that you are at you can see all of your daily records.

Click on any day to view the map for that day or click Mileage by Date Range to pull up all the maps for a given date range. To add a day click add day. This will add a new day if you want to input mileage manually for a day you may have missed.

Note- You can see your total mileage for that day in the top left corner above the map. You can see the route that Google maps has assigned on the right side. You can see all your stops, notes and times below the map.

To view your maps by date range (ie. you want to print out all you mileage/maps from Sept. 18th to Sept. 25th) you can do so my clicking the Mileage by Date Range button on the top of the page. Select the date range you want to use and then click go. The system will ten produce all the maps for that given date range.

Some New items to point out (circled in the screen shots below.) Add an item on a day and Excel download.

To download your info to Excel just open the day you want to download or select your dates by date range then click the Excel logo in the top left of the screen. To add items to a day that you may have forgot and want to manually add click the add item button on the day. You then can just input the address and time that you want to add.


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